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Military Discounts

We love our military! To show our gratitude for their service. We have decided to offer year round military discounts for all military service men and woman. Thank you for your service and protection of our freedoms!!

We offer a large range of substantial discount for all our Military clients. For any questions on how our military discounts works, or which discount you qualify for please contact us below. Thank you so much for your service! 

This military discount is being offered by Bryce and Laurie Davies Realtors in the state of Utah, and is not specifically tied into any other offer or promotion by any other business or entity. Bryce and Laurie do not speak for Equity Real Estate in any of their promotions.

Relocation programs

We offer great re-location programs for all our Military members. We understand that moving across the country is normal for all our Military clients. We have worked hard over the years to secure affiliations with other agents from around the country to assist you in your move. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to search and buy homes around the country for all our Military members for more information please contact us below. Thank you for your dedication and service!

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